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Photo Exhibition – Hué University

As a side event of the Multidisciplinary Workshop, the BufFarm project members organized a photo exhibition on the campus of Hué University. The objectif was to reflect on the various fied work conducted in...


Exhibition at Nan

On August, the project members were invited to present their work during a two-days exhibition in Nan city. The village leader of Ban Huay Phan attent the event On this occasion the project members...


Field Mission to Dak Lak

In May the BufFarm team’s members from Vietnam conducted their first field mission in Dak Lak. The team was composed by Pierre Morère, Dr. Binh V. Ngo, and Mr. Hoàng Xuân Thảo. They were...


Meeting at ENS- Univeristy of Hué

In early May, Pierre Morère visited the ENS- University of Hué (Vietnam) to launch the project and conduct a workshop . Together with Dr. Binh V. Ngo and M.Hoàng Xuân Thảo they made preparations...

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