Field exploration of Buffalo’s Diet – May 23

Continuing their research journey, the BufFarm botanist team, in collaboration with botanist Mr. Phataravee Prommanut from Bangkok Herbarium (BK), embarked on their fifth field trip to Nan Province during May 2nd to May 6th, 2023. This field trip marks an important phase in their ongoing investigation into the interconnections between buffalo farming, plant biodiversity, and environmental dynamics. During this expedition, the team extended their efforts to collect a diverse range of plant specimens from both the village fields and the surrounding forest areas during the summer dry season. With a specific focus on plants consumed by buffalo, they aim to deepen their understanding of the relationship between these animals, their diet, and the local ecosystem. By documenting the plant species that contribute to the buffalo’s nutrition, they will gain valuable insights into the dietary habits and potential self-medication practices of the buffalo within the Lua community.

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